Introducing Corsair
Transportation Management Software for Supply Chain

Manage and grow your business with a specialized TMS system for carriers, 3PL, & shippers



Keep an eye on your freight at all times. We get the updates from carriers so you don’t have to.


Order Planning

You need to know where your freight is 24/7. Using our track and trace features and integrations, you can be confident that you know where your shipments are at all times, enabling you to stay ahead of the game.

Corsair is a data-driven Supply Chain Management Platform that is built to give you the visibility you need to make your supply chain work for you. Plan orders, execute shipments, pay carriers, and analyze your data to help you make informed decisions that will optimize your supply chain and grow your business.


Track and Trace


Roles and Permissions

With Corsair, you’ll be the captain of your ship, not just a passenger. Our robust roles and permissions feature ensures you’re in control and your sensitive information is secure.

Unlock your data

Corsair is data-driven. That means everything we do revolves around capturing, normalizing, and storing your data in a way that helps you discover eye-opening insights about your business.

faster setup

Get up and running Corsair in hours, not months.

less time entering orders

Spend your time where it counts

fewer billing errors

Pay exactly what you owe

Experience next-GeN tracking

Scheduling a demo is the best way to fully grasp the next-gen features of Corsair. Let us show you how we can help you transform the way you do business.