Introducing x1 Integration
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Manage and grow your business with a specialized TMS system for carriers, 3PL, & shippers



Keep an eye on your freight at all times. We get the updates from carriers so you don’t have to.

Developer-free integrations

X1 provides a cost-effective and efficient way for users to integrate systems without the need for developer involvement, reducing costs and speeding up implementation.

Document-centric approach

X1’s document-centric approach to message processing provides a lineage of messages as they pass through the system, resulting in auditable records of everything that happens during a message flow.

EDI capabilities

X1 provides full EDI capabilities with drag-and-drop UI, allowing users to author EDI specs that enable automated validation, mapping, and acknowledgments.

Integration with any trading partners

X1 can integrate any trading partners, regardless of the protocols, data formats, or processes they use.

Visibility and control

X1 offers a high degree of visibility and control to users, who can rapidly react to issues and audit processes.

Cloud-native and scalable

X1 is a cloud-native application that can scale horizontally and vertically to meet changing demands while continuing to achieve a high level of throughput.

Enterprise integration patterns

X1 enforces established enterprise integration patterns, allowing users to build consistently effective integrations.

User-defined components

X1 allows users to author their own endpoints, processors, routers, and translators and to build flows of data from those components to meet any integration requirement.

Additional Features

Corsair is data-driven. That means everything we do revolves around capturing, normalizing, and storing your data in a way that helps you discover eye-opening insights about your business.


Event logging

X1 records every event that occurs during a flow run, along with the data associated with the event, providing immediate and searchable feedback on running integrations.

Error handling

X1 handles errors in a structured and flexible way, providing details to users for any issues, which they can then fix themselves.

Open-source frameworks

X1 is built with open-source frameworks like Spring Boot and Apache Camel that enable and enforce best-in-class practices for software development and enterprise integration.

Polyglot application

X1 is a polyglot application that allows different languages to be used to fit different needs, such as Groovy, which is a JVM language like Java but with dynamic scripting capabilities.

Experience next-GeN tracking

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