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Get a bird’s-eye view of your supply chain, courtesy of a cloud-based TMS.

Remember when supply chain TMS systems were efficient and flexible? Yeah, neither do we.

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Next-Gen Features


No matter how simple or complex your supply chain workflow is, Corsair’s unmatched flexibility enables you to change your processes as your company grows.


It’s important to know the state of your supply chain at all times. Corsair gives you a bird’s-eye view of your business to help you better serve your customers.


You need to know where your freight is at all times. Keep an eye on all of your shipments using our robust Track and Trace tools.


Corsair isn’t like other TMSs – it’s built with the user in mind first. We put the power into your hands to run your business the way you want, and make sure you have the tools to do so.


TMS systems and solutions built by logistics experts, not California venture capitalists.

Use your own shipping team to manage your supply chain with minimal effort. Corsair’s modular cloud-based offering allows it to scale to meet the needs of any size of supply chain.
Your 3PL’s primary objective is to drive efficiency in your supply chain, which means knowing where everything is and how fast it’s moving. With Corsair TMS, you can monitor all of your shipments in real time with a single view of the full transportation network.
Data Analysts
Import your supply chain data into Blackbird so that you can unlock the potential insights hiding right under your nose. Our revolutionary data modeling methodology allows you to relate and manipulate data in a way that will help your business see more clearly than ever before.



Keep an eye on your freight at all times. We get the updates from carriers so you don’t have to.

Feature set

Corsair provides you with all of the tools you need to maximize your supply chain.

  • Order Planning
  • Contract Management and Rating
  • Track and Trace
  • Robust Permissions
  • Audit Logging

Peace of Mind

With Corsair, you can rest easy knowing that your supply chain is in good hands. Let us handle the hard stuff for you so that you can focus on making your customers happy.

Core Offerings


Corsair supply chain platform

Corsair is a data-driven Supply Chain Management Platform that is built to give you the visibility you need to make your supply chain work for you. Plan orders, execute shipments, pay carriers, and analyze your data to help you make informed decisions that will optimize your supply chain and grow your business. See It in Action


X1 Integrations

Most TMSs require costly and time-consuming integrations to integrate with your existing systems. Using X1’s robust set of APIs, you can have your data flowing through the most cutting edge, data-driven Supply Chain Management solution on the market in no time.

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Blackbird Data and Analytics

We understand the importance of unlocking your data’s potential. We give you real-time insights into your supply chain so that you can make better decisions.
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Customer Feedback

Don’t just take our word for it – Listen to the countless customers who have joined the supply chain revolution.
Rygen has been a pleasure to work with. Their products and services have helped our organization double our business in the last year. The personal care we get shows that Rygen prides itself not only on their superior products and services, but also on their outstanding customer service as well.
Steve Mitchell Vice President, Transportation Management Novapath Supply Chain Solutions
We hired Rygen to help us with our data analytics and it was one of the best decisions we made for our business. Not only did they provide us with valuable insights and recommendations, but their team was extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. They truly went above and beyond to ensure our success. We highly recommend Rygen to any company looking to take their data analytics to the next level.
Tom Forrester VP of Data and Analytics Modern Logistics Solutions
We had several separate systems that didn’t talk to each other, creating a nightmare of data entry problems and mismatched information. Rygen helped us establish automation between our systems in a fraction of the time we were quoted from other competitors.
Stephen Richardson Operations Manager Truckload Tetria Global Logistics

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